Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playground time with Abby!

Yesterday (March 21st) while Abby and I were waiting for daddy to finish his evening class we decided to go for a walk around this park up in Orem. We found this really cool playground and Abby went to town! She especially loved the slide and swings!

I can't believe how brave Abby is! She kept going down the slide again and again and didn't want any help from me.

Abby was so content just swinging, so cute!

A really funny thing happened...I was walking around the park when this creepy overweight dude walks by without a shirt. As I try to shield my eyes this little girl (maybe 5) yells to the man "Why ain't you wearing a shirt?" to which he replies "Just getting some sun" to which she replies "No one wants to see you naked!" LOL! Funniest thing ever!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day!

We had a wonderful St. Patty's Day this year! From getting all decked out in greenest gear to preparing a very green meal and dessert we had a blast.

Matt and Abby, no one is pinching these two!

My cute little leprecon!

Gotta have my Shamrock Shake,yum!

Having a little St. Patty's day cuddle with my girl.

Our St. Patty's Day dinner..."green" beans wrapped in a croissant, "green" stuffing, and "green" jalapeno stuffed chicken with "green" spices on top.

And our dessert "green" Mint Chocolate-Chip Cookies, these were SOOOO good!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Longboarding with my baby!

We've been loving this warm weather we've been having lately and decided to take advantage of it. On Friday (March 16th) we decided to go on a walk and I thought it would be fun to bring my longboard. Abby was completely mesmerized by it and kept laughing and laughing when I rode by. I decided that it might be fun to have her ride with me so when we got to this church by our house Abby and I did a little riding in the parking lot, it was a blast!

My little longboarder! Her uncle Ozzie would be so proud!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make Way for the Baby Parade

This month was a little rocky for our little family, but fortunately we were lucky enough to have family come for two separate weeks to help us out.  Now the three of us are settling into our roles and routines and are slowly coming to get to know one another.  Our tiny little girl is showing her own personality and she is on the verge of smiling everyday.  She is so inquisitive, loves watching everything, tries so hard to hold her head up, and loves getting kisses.  She also loves her daddy's beard.  I still can't believe we are parents and that we aren't just babysitting this little one.  My favorite time of day with Addie is when she first gets up in the morning.  She is so alert and happy.  Ok, at first it's not my favorite time of day because I would love to keep sleeping...But once I unswaddle her, pull her out of her bassinet, give her a hug, watch her stretch, and look into her eyes...Suddenly I am ok with being awake at 7 am... After being awake several times through the night already.

Enough of my half asleep babble and onto what you all want.  Pictures!

Adelaide's One Month Photo shoot:

As of today Adelaide is 22 and 1/4 inches long, her head is 37 centimeters, and she weighs (drum roll please) NINE pounds!  That is one ounce over birth weight, finally!

Ok, Addie, we can be done now...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Super Great News!

Thom was in contact recently with his unit in Cali to discuss his training here in Georgia. While on the phone he found out that the deployment to Kuwait planned for the end of this year has been totally, officially CANCELED!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oreo's Birthday!

Today is the birthday of our families favorite cookie (and the world's). It is 100 years old today and as a specail treat we were able to sneek down to post and visit Thom. He had a rare lunch break and we were able to make it just in time. As you can tell, everyone was happy to celebrate this special day for our freind the oreo!

A Couple Cute Videos!

So I got this new phone which is pretty cool because any videos I take on it I can instantly upload on facebook...well I thought that I could take the videos on facebook and put them directly on here (which you can sorta do) however unless you are logged on to facebook when you want to watch them you can't. So I hopefully fixed the problem and all should be able to view the videos now regardless of if you are logged on to facebook or not. Please let me know if you have any problems viewing the videos, thanks!

I think this video is so stinkin cute, love my babies! (3/2/2012)

So on some rare occasions Matt has been able to get Abby to snort...we tried to get it on camera but wasn't quite so successful. Still a cute video! (3/2/2012)

We were at Chili's the other day and Abby was fussing and Matt being the INCREDIBLE dad that he is took some sugar packets and performed a little magic show for Abby. Abby (who loves her daddy already) was in heaven while Matt performed the little show. What a good daddy! (2/26/2012)

This video cracks me up! Abby loves music of all kinds and especially loves dancing to it! I haven't been able to get a really good video of my little dancer...until now! (2/22/2012)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Now it is time to job hunt

It is scary to think that I am now able to work as a nurse and soon I will be taking my boards. I am so excited. There is a program at a hospital down in Ann Arbor that would be wonderful to try out. They give 8 weeks for a new graduate nurse to train before they take there boards (the Graduate nurse has to take their boards with in 8 weeks of starting. Then they give another 8 weeks to train while waiting for the license to come in. Then another 10 months to train the nurse on the floor before they are set loose on all the patients. So it would give me a year to work on being comfortable on the floor. It would be amazing to have that long till I had to be on my own. So pray for me that I am able to get into the program. I am also going to apply to the University of Michigan. I want to attend there for my masters, I believe it is number 5 (or 8) in the United states for the Midwife program. So I am totally excited. Just wanted to let you know.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Alive!

My laptop battery died when I went to the hospital and I just now got my replacement in the mail.  This means that I can finally give you all an update on our little girl (I'm not going to lie though, it was really nice to have these past three weeks computer free).

We have had quiet a roller coaster here since we came home from the hospital with our little bundle.  Fortunately my parents were here for the first week of it which helped tremendously.  We then had a few days solo until Tim's mom, her husband Kurt, and his sister Catie came to help, they leave tomorrow morning.  It has been such a relief having help, as of tomorrow, though, we are officially solely responsible for this little persons life.

From the beginning Adelaide was losing a bunch of weight.  Yes, newborns do that, but she was losing more than the doctor was comfortable with and she then was not putting any of it back on.  Come to find out, I am not producing enough milk for her so the poor thing was working hard to get fed, but was getting nothing.  You know those chubby cheeks that she had?  They were completely gone.  Last Friday we had to begin supplementing her diet by giving her a bottle of expressed breast milk (what little I have) and formula.  I always knew breastfeeding would be hard, but I never realized it could be this downright impossible.  I am on a medication to help my milk come in and I am pumping to build up a demand.  Soon we will start trying to get her off the bottle again.  BUUT the great thing about her being on the bottle now is that those adorable little chubby cheeks are starting to come back.

Unfortunately with my recovery, Tim's crazy school schedule, and Adelaide's weight problems (and gassiness from the bottle) we have not been able to take many pictures.  Fear not, we have made sure pictures were being taken.  My parents and Tim's family have been at the ready.  The only problem is that we have to wait for them to get those pictures to us.  In the mean time, here are some pictures we do have.

My little snuggler

Our family photo.  She is two and a half weeks old here.

Adelaide and I talking after she was done eating breakfast

Not to be forgotten, here are some pictures from Timothy's birthday.  It was the 26th.  His family was in town for it which was a great gift all on its own.

What a happy birthday boy!

Filet mignon, hasselback potatoes, and asparagus with bacon.

Fruit basket cake: each layer has fruit in between.  From bottom layer to top it has strawberries, kiwis, pineapple, bananas, and the top has roasted coconut.

I got Tim his birthday present at the beginning of February, I knew I wouldn't have time near his birthday to get it.