Monday, March 28, 2011


To make a long long long story, well, less long:

Tim and I are moving into his sisters house across the street. Jody and her family are relocating to Germany for two years because her husband works for Ebay and that's where they want him. We have been living in an apartment (a garage actually) across the street since August just waiting to see if Jody and Erik were going to take Ebay up on the offer, to see if they were going to sell the house or rent it to us, and then waiting for them to set an actual move date.

So, it has been decided that we will be renting the house from them and they are moving to Germany on June 20th (that's the date for now). Right now Erik has a sebaticle so they are out in Utah visiting family and then they will go cross country and visit church history sites all the way till May 11th-ish.

The place we were staying in got sold and the new owner was trying to charge us far more than it was worth, so we are moving out by the first of April. We have been really busy with helping Tim's sister get her family ready for this long trip and doing our school work. This week I'm on break so we have till Thursday to get everything moved out. We are putting most of our things in storage for now.

It's incredibly hectic, we're trying to pack the kids things right now too, so we have space to move into! We have a friend next door who has been helping Jody with the packing process so she knows what's going where which helps a ton.

Soooo, by July (tentatively) we will be living in a three bedroom house with a dog, three fish, and two rats.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Abby's Baby Blessing!

Pics from Abby's baby blessing have just been posted on my website here, thanks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

2 Months Old!

Today our little baby girl is 2 months old, it's crazy how fast the time is flying!

She is smiling all the time now and even giggles a little bit. She is holding her head up much better now and is starting to learn how to roll over (though hasn't completely rolled over yet). She is such a cutie and we couldn't love her more!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Matt's Surgery (part 2)

On Friday, March 4th Matt had his final cataracts surgery (on his right eye). Everything went great and he is doing really good. His vision is a lot better and he doesn't have to wear his glasses anymore (besides some reading glasses). We are so glad his surgeries are done except for the fact that this means he has to go back to work soon.

Even though he has been through the surgery before he is still a tad nervous before he got put under.

It's always so funny to me how dilated his eye gets.

Just doing a little last minute reading before the surgery (are we surprised?)

Matt after the surgery, he didn't get the nifty clear eye patch this time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Danielle DeGriselles LPN

To all I am exctatic to say, "I AM AN LPN!" I am glad that I was able to tell most of you personally (Aaron, still haven't gotten a call back). After the test on Tuesday, I walked out feeling good about the test. I then called mom promptley to tell her about it. While talking I started to doubt and worry. Jeff (another nursing student who took the test at the same time as I ), came out an hour or so after me and we started to chat and increased eachothers anxiety level about the test. We both recieved our notification, unofficially, that we are now NURSES! All I need to wait for is the little slip of paper stating I am licensed to work as an LPN to start working. If you did not know. My work has offered me a job as an LPN. I won't get any full time work yet because of my lack of experience and lack of patients at the company. As time goes on I will be getting more and more work. This summer I will have more work due to not having classes. So I now get to celebrate during my week off. Can't wait to see you all :) And a side note to Alli, why didn't you believe your prediction? You stated that I would call you crying, which I did, and you still believed me! Boy my acting skills must be getting good! And Father, I love you, even if I did play a mean trick :) You all have been amazing with the support, I still have a long way to go. Thank you.