Monday, November 19, 2012


  So it seems like everyone, Except Elder Tim of course, is planning on coming home for Christmas!! And by home, yes I do mean Southern California. And by southern California I mean AppleValley, yuk, and hopefully a trip or two up to the snow in beautiful, wonderful, Big Bear. Anticipating this awesome time we'll have to celebrate together, I would like everyone to respond to this post with their plans in order to avoid our inevitable miscommunications. Be as specific as possible with dates you'll be around and such.

  We are so looking forward to seeing you all! With my classes ending Dec 16th and not starting until Jan 7th, we'll be more flexible as well. One big thing that needs to be worked out is the sleeping arrangements for  these poor pregnant ladies, the other girls, and the guys and of course all the kiddos (lots of kids, this is going to be awesome). Luke, Leona, and Emma can't wait to see their cousins and are so excited for Christmas.

  One idea I want to pass by is for Christmas Eve dinner. Sarah and I have done this every year since we've been married and it's spiritual as well as fun and the kids really enjoy it too. We have what we call a Joseph and Mary dinner. We cook fish (with lemon and garlic) and get pita bread, cheese, olives and grape juice. Then we lay a blanket on the floor and watch "The Nativity" while eating dinner. I know Mom and Dad will also want to show their art presentation as well, so we need to fit that in. And for Christmas morning Sarah and I want to try making cinnamon rolls again (this time thoroughly cooked).

  Obviously a trip up to go sledding has to be planned as well. And don't forget Sarah's Bday. We are up for suggestions, but I wanted this to be a beginning to get all the kinks worked out so that we can maximize our fun once everyone starts arriving.

  Love you all! -Thom

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Elephunk Walk

Post Post Halloween

Tim and I were pretty lame and didn't have time to come up with a a costume...I mean I was a house wife (wearing an old camp shirt, sweatpants, barefoot, rubber gloves, in the kitchen doing dishes all day) and Tim went as a werewolf not during the full moon (flannel shirt...).  At least the cutest member of the family dressed up!

 I can't upload the video...I'll see if Tim can do it on his computer.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow Day!

With out blizzard this past weekend (hit us on Friday until Monday, we got over 8 inches) we decided on Saturday to take Abby to play in the snow. It was the first time she played in the snow (last year she was too little and we barely got any snow at all) and she absolutely LOVED it! At first she was a little scared but soon she got up her nerve and had a blast! I am so glad I was able to play with her and have such a fun Saturday with my girl.

And lastly what snowy day would be complete without homemade cinnamon rolls? YUM!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween again... This time from Big Bear!

Here are some pics from us in the mountains. The kids had such a good time. Luke even told me that he loved his costume and that everyone would think he was the real Batman, because he was. And Leona's hair turned out perfectly. We dyed it then left it in curlers for a day and voila!

Happy Halloween Everyone! I'm also putting in some extra pictures of Merida and Batman playing soccer. They're awesome, I know.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween from Utah!

What a fun Halloween! I decided about a month ago to dress up Abby as a cute puppy because puppies are Abby's absolute favorite! Whether she is playing with my sister's puppies or she just hears a dog bark she is more happy and excited then any other time. The puppy costume was big hit! Matt dressed up as a Clark Gable look-a-like (or as just a guy from the 1940's, whichever way you wanna look at it) and I found this cute skeleton shirt (inspired by Allison's costume last year) that worked perfect cause it let both me and Liam dress up! And lastly Danielle dressed up as the girl from Brave, she looked super cute and a little dangerous, lol.

We started the day off by "trick-or-treating" at my work and everyone loved Abby's cute puppy costume! After work we go ready for our traditional Halloween Pizza Party! Being that it was also Danielle's birthday we did a combo party and it was so much fun! We enjoyed Pizza and sugar cookies (which I forgot to take a picture of) and giving candy to trick-or-treater's. In fact that was probably the high-light of the night for Abby, giving candy out to all the kids. She loved it! Sometimes she would give them one candy, sometimes a handful, and at one point she even took a dum-dum from a cute girl that just laughed. What a funny girl! We also visited my dad and Abby had so much fun jumping on the trampoline at his house it was hysterical  What a fun Halloween!