Friday, September 14, 2012

Look Out World, Here She Comes!

Adelaide turned seven months on Thursday the 13th.  For us, seven months is so exciting because she's over the half a year hump and it's just a blink away before she's a year!  Turning seven months has also been very exciting for the three of us because Adelaide figured out so many things in the last three days!

Wednesday night she crawled for the first time, like legit crawled, to Tim.  She is so proud of herself as she goes, she just gets so excited that she's going places!  Now that she figured out how to use those legs in her favor, she can also put herself into the sitting position.  No more of her getting frustrated and fussy because she's done doing tummy time.  Downer to this is when I laid her down for her nap she sat right back up and cried and cried...She doesn't understand the concept of laying herself back down so she can sleep.  She can do it though.  But this also means we lowered her crib today!  The thing she just started doing that I am loving the most is snuggling.  There's snuggling as falling asleep...then there's snuggling just because it's nice to be close to mamma.  I love it.  I'll be holding her, we'll be playing and she just lays her head down on my shoulder and keeps playing.  Melt my heart!

She has two teeth.  She might be teething again right now, but we're not sure if it's just something shifting or if we'll get some more pearly whites out of this.  When she turned six months she finally got into 3-6 month clothes and in the one month she's been in them she has blasted out of them and she is in 6 month clothes now.  It's great to see her growing like a weed! She does raspberries, ma-ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba-ba, and clicking with her tongue.  She just started smacking her lips when she eats solids.  Speaking of eating, when she's in her high chair (or anywhere else for that matter) and her daddy walks in the room, that kid just lights up!  The whole time I'm trying to feed her and her dad is in eyesight she wont eat because she's too busy smiling ear to ear at her daddy.

Update on her time at daycare.  She has really great teachers.  They are very attentive and very responsive to our concerns and Adelaide's needs.  We could not have found a better place for our little girl.  I feel like the staff are always coming up with new developmentally appropriate and stimulating toys and activities for the little ones because there are students there who have the passion still burning!  Adelaide is having a rough time with separation anxiety though.  The days she is at day care she does not sleep well.  There's just too much going on.  So when she gets home she's exhausted and she still gets worried about us leaving so she wakes up frequently throughout the night to make sure we're still there.  I feel so bad for her.  I wish I could just stay home with her, but that's not the reality of things.

On your mark, Get set...

So grown up.


"Elephant, can you tell her we're tired of pictures?"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gotta Gush On My Baby!

I love Sundays! My siblings always come over to my mom's house and we just chill and relax and it's one of my favorite things! Yesterday while my brother and sister were tackling the overgrown lawn my mom and I watched silly Abby play with Austin's mini-skateboard and she had us laughing so hard! Luckily I grabbed her helmet before she took any falls. She is such a brave girl though cause no matter how many times she fell she just got right back up, that's my girl! Abby loved riding on the skateboard, made us all miss Austin a little bit more. By the time he gets home from his mission in Madagascar in October 2013 Abby is gonna be a PRO. 

I just can't help but gush on my little Abby girl. She is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me! Of course I can't help but thank the man that brought me this little girl. Needless to say meeting him and having Abby were the two greatest things I could ever ask for. Abby is the smartest little girl I know. I know I am a bit biased being her mom but seriously I think she is so smart for her age. So many people can't believe she is only 1.5 (well 20 months technically) they think she is so much older. She even knows her ABC's! Ok so she can't recite them perfectly in order but if you say each one she says it right back and sometimes she can just see the letter and know which one it is. The other day she saw two V's together and said "double-u" how stinkin smart is that! She knows so many words now I can't keep track. She is really quick because if she doesn't know a word I will say it to her and she get's it right away. She loves her mommy and I have to admit it is WONDERFUL! I love being able to make silly faces at Abby and both us will just start laughing. She is incredible and I am thankful everyday I get to be her mom. I know she is going to be the most amazing big sister and love her little baby brother/sister more then anything. I love you Abby Ruth!