Monday, June 27, 2011

Nothing like the power of prayer!

If Matt hasn't already told everyone...he got a job! His first day was today (talk about quick huh?!) and he is working at a store called Batteries Plus. He applied for the bookkeeper position but sadly it was already filled however since he had so much experience in customer service they offered him the sales position. They told him that they would be willing to have him work close with the bookkeeper so he can get the experience and so I think it's the best of both worlds! Were not sure yet on his hours but just so excited to finally get him in a job that deserves him. They are also willing to work with his school schedule, how lucky can we be! It's been pretty miserable the last 6 years at Wally World and we are both so grateful for this new opportunity. I can honestly say that there is nothing more powerful then the power of prayer and fasting! I am so excited for Matt!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We're Paying for Internet!

I know this may not seem like a big deal, but we haven't had to pay for internet since January of 2009. That's a really long time! The reason it is so exciting to be PAYING for internet is because now we will be able to have a connection any time we want AND it wont be spotty. Ah, the glories.

Also, even more exciting, we're living in a HOUSE! Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, giant living room and kitchen, and a garage (kinda, the garage is being used as storage). It is so exciting to not be living in a box and/or a place that is falling apart around us. People talk about the joys of being young, but housing is NOT one of them.

Tim's sister and family left on Tuesday for Germany. It was a very stressful and tiring process helping them get ready for their new adventure. This past week we have been working on getting the house in order, and have made only a dent. There is so much to be done. We have to pack up the rest of their stuff they left out so we don't break it or lose it and so we have space for our stuff. Our stuff is still in storage.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, as part of our arrangement for living here is to help fix up the place (as you can imagine, 6 young kids can cause quite the mischief...) Anyone feel like painting? Scrubbing? Patching? Hauling? We've got it all! In payment, Tim will cook and I will bake for you! And if you're very very nice, we'll let you use our wonderful internet.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Cali Trip!

I have uploaded all the pics (and there are ALOT!) from our Cali can find them here, thanks! We had a BLAST!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bad news and...REALLY GOOD NEWS!

So whenever someone asks you "What do you wanna hear first, the good news or the bad news?" don't you usually say the bad news? I do...thus I will begin with the bad news.

On Saturday June 11th Matt's job let him go. I wont go into all the details (because you probably already know) but it was a shock and it does make things a little bit stressful. That being said on to the good news...

Matt doesn't work at Wal-Mart anymore, HAPPY DAY! We've been waiting for this day since we got married and even though it does make things scary and stressful and altogether unnerving I am just so glad Matt doesn't have to deal with all that crap anymore (excuse my lame slang). We are in the process of getting unemployment and getting help from the bishop (our amazing Relief Society President Virigina just came to the house yesterday to help us make an order for the Bishop's storehouse which we should be filling this week). So things are a little crazy right now but I have great faith in the power of tithing and I know the Lord will help us out. I just can't believe how grateful I am Matt is done with that horrible place! What a huge weight off our shoulders.

Another bit of good news is that we are heading to California on Friday! We were planning on coming out in October but with Matt hopefully getting a new job soon we're not sure if he'll still be able to get the time we decided to make our trip a bit early (like 4 months early)! We're excited to see as much family as we can and can't wait for Abby to play with her cousins. We'll be leaving here in the afternoon on Friday and then we'll be heading home Wednesday morning. Can't wait to spend almost a week with everyone!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 Months Old!

Abby girl turns 5 months old this month and boy does she love to smile! Abby is constantly smiling, giggling, laughing and it's completely contagious! I know one of her talents is going to be making everyone she comes into contact happy and she is making a great start of it now. I dare you to stay in a bad mood after this little cute girl looks into your eyes and grins ear-to-ear. Her laugh is equally intoxicating and can make any crummy day just melt away.

Abby has completely mastered rolling over and has now started to "pre-crawl". She isn't quite moving around from room to room but with her rolling here and there and pushing herself around she is getting very close. She can hold her own bottle now though sometimes she gets lazy and mom has to. She is eating green beans, carrots, and squash and loves it!! One of my favorite things has been when we're holding her and she laughs or smiles and has to hide her face in your shoulder, so cute! We love our cute little baby and can't get enough of her!

I have been taking monthly pics since Abby was born and I usually will take a bunch and then decide on a favorite but there are just too many cute pics to choose from! Below are a couple from her 5-month mommy photo shoot...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Bragging

So, as many of you may know, or can at least guess, I'm not a huge fan of Thom being in the National Guard but it's what we felt we should do. Anyway, he has been going through officer training for the past year and he's almost done! He will be gone for three weeks in the end of July for which he will miss our anniversary again and Luke's first day of school (not a fan of him leaving) but at the end he will commission as a Second Lieutenant. This last weekend he had his last drill weekend in San Luis Obispo (where he has been going once a month for the last year). While there they finished up some tests and did peer evaluations. This is where the bragging comes in... There are about 30 people in Thom's "class" of officer candidates and they had to write an evaluation for each other. They had to give three positive points and three areas of improvement for each person in their class. Then they had to rate their peers and put them in order 1-30, one being the best in the class. Well, Mr. Thom was ranked number 1 by his peers. I am proud of him and just wanted you all to know that Thom seems to be quite the soldier. It has been a big sacrifice for our family and more is coming, but I'm very glad to know that Thom has put in his part while he has been away.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I guess I am a nurse

So funny thing. There is a saying that when you start dreaming in Spanish is when you are more comfertable with the language (or something to that effect). I have wondered if it is the same for nursing. So the point of that is I had a dream the other night. In this dream I was an RN just fresh out of school. I was at a nursing home working, suddenly I was the DON (director of nursing). I had no experience and had no idea what I was doing. It was past time to start passing meds and I had no idea who anyone was. I had a patient who needed a bath and breakfast and he was leaving soon. I couldn't find my LPN or my CNA to help. As I get his pills read, they are in a pill box, I notice that all of the pills are spilt and I have no idea of what pills are what so I don't know what pills he needs this morning. I also have thirty other patients I have to take care of, each with messed up med boxes. It was a nightmare! I was so flustered. Right before I woke up I took a deap breath and started getting my patient ready for the day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching Up!

We really haven't been up to much the last couple of weeks. Matt is still working full-time and going to school full-time. I can't believe how much he accomplishes and can't wait for him to graduate in less then a year. Matt just recently received his Associates degree in Accounting and so now both Matt and I have college degrees. I am keeping busy at work and though I wish I could just stay home all day with Abby I am so grateful I have my amazing job that pays the bills and is so good to me. Of course Abby is just growing up in front of our eyes. I can't believe how sweet and amazing my little girl is. She is getting such a cute little personality of her own and it's been so much fun to watch. I will post more about how she is growing on her 5-month birthday next week...until then here are some cute pictures of my little sweetheart:

"Come on dad, I just wanna play!" (4/24/2011)

Abby girl just getting her ride on, she feels the need for speed! (5/14/2011)

Abby with Uncle Aaron! (5/21/2011)

Abby girl after eating some squash, what a messy BUT cute girl! (5/23/2011)

I love my baby!! (5/26/2011)

My sister has been watching a lot for me this summer (thanks chels!!) and sent me this super cute pic! I LOVE IT! (6/1/2011)