Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby Liam Gray DeGriselles...

Well it's official...Abby is going to have a little BROTHER!!

Matt, Abby, and myself are very happy to announce that on March 8th we will be welcoming little baby Liam Gray DeGriselles to our family! We are more then excited that we will be having a little baby boy and can't wait for Abby to show off what we know will be amazing big sister skills! Everything looked good with the ultrasound, our baby boy looks healthy and strong. We love you little Liam and can't wait to meet you!

It's didn't take the ultrasound tech long to figure out we were having a little boy, we can't be more excited!!

Liam's hands

Liam's cute little face!

Liam's foot

Liam's too strong legs

My cute baby Liam, we love you so much!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cute Videos!

Here are the latest cute videos of my little big girl! One of the cutest things has to been how much Abby loves to watch these videos. She is always asking for my phone and saying either "puppy" or "baby" meaning she wants to watch the video with the puppy or the baby (herself). She can just sit and watch the videos over and over again, it's so fun!

Abby LOVES her puppies! Well technically they are my sister's puppies but I think Abby has officially claimed them as her own, lol. Silly girl! (10/7/2012)

Abby has been talking a storm lately so I decided to get a video of some of the cute words she says. (9/20/2012)

I sent this video to Matt who had to work a Saturday and was missing his girls (8/25/2012)

My little talker! It's so funny when she has a phone (or anything that resembles a phone), she will talk for hours! (7/20/2012)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Matt!

Today is my AMAZING hubby's birthday so Abby and I got up really early to help him celebrate!! Matt and I were both surprised to find that Abby had a present for her daddy in her crib, lol. Abby got her daddy some treats for work, what a good girl!

Next up was our "BIG" gift for Matt. Abby was loving how big the box was that Matt's next present was in, lol. She also wanted to help her daddy open it and of course her daddy couldn't say no to that face.

We got Matt a brand new surround-sound system with blu-ray player! What a lucky little birthday boy!!

The next two pictures Abby took for us, what a smart little photographer.

Later that night we took Matt out to dinner for his birthday at Los Hermanos in Provo, a family favorite. We met up with my mom, Ryan, Chelsie & Wes, and Matt's sister Danielle who is living with us right now. It was nice getting together and spoiling Matt on his big day!

We had the staff at Los Hermanos surprise Matt with singing "Happy Birthday" it was too funny! The whole time Abby wasn't quite sure what was going on. It was only after they finished and they started singing for another table that Abby started to clap, what a funny girl.

We had such a fun night and hopefully overall Matt had a great birthday! I love spoiling my hubby just as much as he loves spoiling me! We decided that we are going to keep the fun going and this weekend we are going to Park City for a little "Birthday/Pre-Baby" Vacation! I can't wait!!