Monday, July 9, 2012

18-Months Old!

Abby girl is already 18 months old and she is a hoot! Every day she is making me laugh and I can't believe how silly she is. Just the other day she had this long, drawn-out yawn that just made me laugh and once she noticed that she just kept yawning and yawing just to get me to laugh, it was one of the cutest things ever! She follows me around everywhere (and maybe it's because I work and I don't get to see her as much as I like) but I love it! She as mastered climbing in and out of her crib and now she can climb on top of her changing table. I swear she would climb on the roof if we let her. She is amazing and beautiful and just the best thing to ever happen to us!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting too big for her crib!

Whether I like it or not my baby is growing up. You would think she would need her mom's permission but not so. It's been really fun because every night Matt will read to me and Abby (right now we are reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief). Abby is not one to just quietly lay in her bed and listen to her daddy reading, so usually we just let her lay down by us on the floor and when she needs to run off some energy she can do so. Well last night she had a bit too much energy cause she was non-stop. Half-way through the reading we started to notice that Abby was very determined to climb into her crib. We both didn't think she would be able to do, and then just like that she did! What a smart girl!

My little climber, lol! She sure surprised us!! (7/2/2012)

Well if it wasn't enough for her to climb into her crib she decided it was time to climb out! As you watch the video it looks like she falls right on her back but there was pillows and stuffed animals so it actually wasn't as bad as it looked though it did scare us pretty good! (7/2/2012)

We weren't sure what to do now that our little girl can both climb into her crib out and out of her crib now. I had raised the "bars" as high as they could go and was worried that this meant Abby would have to get a big girl bed, and between you and me I knew she was not ready for one. Well my mom suggested we lower the mattress but I didn't even think it could do that. Well leave it to the wisdom of those who have done it before cause I was able to lower the mattress and keep Abby in her crib for at least a couple more months, lol.