Thursday, February 16, 2012

Emma's B-day

Emma had a Great Birthday!She loved her cake and made a mess of it unlike Leona or Luke did.
She got fun new toys.
Some were hard to open...
And others weren't even wrapped!
She got a lot of ice cream (her favorite).
But best of all; she got to play with her brother, and sister, and mom,
and daddy!
(more pics on our blog)

Adelaide at Home.

Last night was Adelaide's first night at home... which means Allison didn't get any sleep. We got home around 4:30, by 10:00 we felt like it was 3 in the morning. Allison was gracious enough to let me sleep periodically for about an hour here and there, she on the other hand didn't get sleep until around four in the morning and those were just quick cat naps between feedings. This morning we called the doctor about Addie's lack of feeding (when it was time for feeding she wouldn't eat she would just snuggle up and sleep) they told us to come in and get her weighed and they would check her out. It turns out that she had lost a pound since she was born and didn't have the energy to eat so she would just sleep. We were told to pump after each feeding and to give what ever we pumped from the last feeding to help her gain the weight back. Since then she has been eating a little better, she has taken the extra food well and is sleeping better. Tonight Allison's parents and her grandparents arrived to stay for the weekend to see this new addition and shower her with care and love (which will hopefully mean some more sleep for us). Now whats a post about Adelaide without some pictures and a video.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day and catching up with the folks!

Our Valentine's Day this year was pretty stinkin awesome! The day before Valentine's Day Matt's folks and grandparents drove out from California to drop Matt's brother Tim off at the MTC on February 15th. On the 13th they stopped by our place to visit for a little bit. We definitely don't get to see them as much as we like so it was such a great opportunity to catch up!

These are Matt's grandparents (they are the cutest couple ever), they are Matt's mom's folks. It was so much fun to see them interact with Abby, what a special couple.

Abby and grandma just discussing life.

Grandpa trying to tickle Abby, lol.

It was so cute because Abby loves her "Ten Monkey's On The Bed" book and had everyone read it to her while we were visiting. Her favorite part is when the doctor says "No more monkey's jumping on the bed!" and after her grandma read her the book she yelled out "No more monkey's jumping on the bed!" as clear as day, it was so cute!!

On Valentine's Day morning Matt and I got up early and exchanged gifts. We are so bad about waiting to open gifts, both Matt and I get to excited!

Matt always spoils me like crazy! He got me some new shoes, a wallet, and three movies!

I tried to spoil Matt, though I never seem to outdo him. I got him some new shoes as well, some candy, and a new xbox controller in his favorite color orange (Which turned out to be a lot more difficult them I thought. We will just say I know all the details inside and out of a controller, lol.)

We got Abby this little "Love Monkey". Last year my mom got Abby a sock monkey so I think monkey's on Valentine's Day will be a new tradition!

The rest of the day we spent with Matt's family catching up and trying to spend as much time together before Matt's folks and grandparents leave on Wednesday, February 15th. At one point we went to the Mall and I just had to take the following pictures of Abby and this cute hat...

What a cute girl!

Later that night we enjoyed dinner at La Dolce Vita, my favorite restaurant ever!! I am so glad we had some time to spend together and especially to spend with Tim before he leaves to Honduras. Gotta love my family!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A minute with Adelaide.

More Pictures (of the non crying variety)

Welcome Adelaide Charlotte Thelin!

This morning a 7:07 am Adelaide was born. She weighed in at 8lbs 15oz, and 20 inches long. Allison started pushing at 4:30 am, and had a 30 min break at 6:00 am, when our Doctor arrived at 6:45 she sprinkled some kind of magic pixie dust and the baby just popped right out. Well enough of the talking lets get to the pictures.

A new missionary

As we're getting ready to leave this morning, I thought I'd let you know how beautiful the setting apart was last night. President Garrick handled it in a very humble and sweet fashion. We were able to have Tim's bishop, and out bishop there (we caught our bishop in the hallway). Everyone shared their testimony. Mom and Dad Huntsinger were invited to share their thoughts if they wished, and Dad spoke for just a moment before he choked up. It was a beautiful experience, considering the fact Mom and Dad H. were there with us. (Earlier in the day Tim and I consecrated oil for him to take with him. I thought we would do it in the bedroom, but then felt we could explain it to Mom and Dad. We did, first sharing with them the scripture in James that talks about calling in the elders and anointing the head with oil. We then consecrated some. I felt it was a good missionary opportunity.) Also, I think that was the first time Tim had the hands of four bishops on his head at one time! (President Garrick and I have both served as bishops.) We found out President Garrick was serving his mission in Michigan while Mom and I were there. I was serving a stake mission and we were newly weds as of December 19, 1975. He started his mission in 1975. We left for school later in the year 1976. Small world . . . Love all of you, Dad. (I know you are, but it's my duty as patriarch to remind you to keep Allie and Tim and Adelaide in your prayers at this special time for them.) Love, Dad

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Labor Pains

If you haven't heard yet, then hear is the news. Allison went into to the hospital today around 5:00pm after about 6 hours of contractions getting closer together until they were about 3 minutes apart or less lasting about a minute. At about 7:00pm she was dilated to 3cm and they broke her water. Around 8:00pm she had the epidural placed. It's now currently 9:59pm and she is laying down trying to get some rest before everything else happens. We were hoping for the baby to before 12:00am so she could be 2/12/12 but I guess we could settle for her to be born on 2/13/12 at least it's not valentines day (so she hasn't broken the rule on when she can't be born). We now just play the waiting game, all of the nurses keep saying that since this is our first it is going to take a long time for her to be born. So when ever she feels like making her appearance we'll be here and ready... well as ready as we can be.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well it is hard to believe. I am now down with my preceptorship. I am now filling out paperwork to take my RN boards. I can't believe that soon I will be a full fledge graduate nurse. I will be able to sign things with RN behind them. . . and I just got use to signing with LPN. It is kind of a scary thought but I am excited about the new adventure ahead of me. I am applying to schools and going for my bacholers and am now trying to decide if I would like to continue on to my masters as well. So many decisions. I hope all of your prayers can be with me as I try to decide with fasting and praying. I love you all and will try to keep you posted.

By the way I loved my time in the Midland OB unit. I loved working with little babies. I got to teach a first time mother, who was nervous about everything. It was nice to see some comfort come into her face as she got used to the idea of having a baby and seeing how things should be done. The poor thing, she had never even changed a baby diaper. I love you all and will write again, hopefully soon with an update with where I am headed.

Me :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

39 Weeks

I just wanted to give everyone a brief update.

I'm 39 weeks along, which means that I could pop anywhere from tonight to three weeks from now. I am due on the 11th, which is next Saturday.  The doctor will let me go no farther than 42 weeks, so that would be the 25th of February (the day before Tim's birthday). 

Currently I am balancing my days between getting chores done, finishing small projects, and taking advantage of the peace and quiet while I still have it.  Tim is working hard to stay ahead in school while he still has peace and quiet.  I am done being pregnant though, any day this baby would like to show up is ok by me.  We're as ready as we're ever gonna be.