Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My little trooper!

On Tuesday night, August 16th, right before we put Abby to bed she started throwing up. We're use to our little baby girl spitting up all the time but this was definitely worse. I've never seen such a little baby throw up so much so Matt and I were definitely worried. On Wednesday we took her to the doctor who checked her out and recommended we feed her some Pedialyte and allow her stomach to settle.

The next day she was throwing up again so by Friday we took her back to the doctor who wanted to have her go to the hospital for the rest of the day to rehydrate. It had to be one of the toughest things to watch my little girl get poked by a sharp needle and get an IV. She stayed at the hospital all day Friday and was such a trooper! Matt and I both got a little sick but nothing compared to little Abby, poor girl. We were out of the hospital by Friday night and that whole night she did really good.

By Saturday we figured we were in the clearing but by that night she threw up again. Since it was the weekend we couldn't take her to her doctor, we decided to see if feeding her only clear liquids worked better but by Sunday night she threw up again. On Monday we went back to the doctor who wanted us to bring in stool sample (oh fun) and as soon as we got her back home she threw up again. Now we are just waiting to her back about the sample we sent in and go from there.

Abby has really been amazing. She has lost some weight (1/2 in a week) but she is still her perky self and just keeps making us smile. On Sunday with the weight loss and being a little dizzy she kept falling over and now has some bruises on her face poor girl. She is so tough though and just keeps getting into all sorts of mischief! We love our baby girl so much and hope she gets feeling better quick!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Secret's Out

Here's what we posted on facebook today...

Tim drew this shortly after we found out.

As an update, I'm 16 weeks along now. That means I'm almost done with my fourth month. Tonight Tim and I spent hours trying to find a new OB/GYN. Unfortunately since our current insurance kicked in August 1st, they don't accept where we went for the first appointment. So now we have to hunt down a new doctor and start over. We just really want to get in to see the doctor again!

Symptoms wise I had days of nausea during the first trimester and certain foods made me gag, but that is mostly behind me (some foods still make me gag). My biggest complaint is headaches. I have to make sure I eat regularly, am perfectly hydrated, get the right amount of sleep...yada yada yada to not set off another headache. It's nearly impossible to keep in perfect balance. It was the worst when we were traveling in Michigan because we could not control every element so I was bound to get a headache for one reason or another every day. Being home makes it easier and the headaches less frequent. I also have a small pooch up front, but it just looks like I gained weight over the summer (which I haven't).

In other news, MI was a fantastic experience for us! We had so much fun just being with family! Danielle was a great hostess, however she did not acquiesce to my every request, so I am left slightly disappointed. For shame Danielle! I pried as many stories out of our relatives as I possibly could. Tim and I also brought home grandma D's pictures because they are fading from the acid in the albums they're stored in. We are going to fix them up and send them back to grandma. Hopefully we will scan them too. We also played the genes game out there. Luke, Leona, Abby, and Emma all seem to have grandma H's chin and jaw (and so do the rest of her great grand babies) and right now it looks like they may have grandma D's nose, but I did not see a baby picture of grandma D so I'm not positive. Matt and Tim look just like dad from when he was younger, but Matt also has some strong resemblances to our uncle Del. Aaron is the spitting image of uncle Duane and David (giant mouth, long hair, and all). Thom has a long lost twin who comes in the form of our cousin Seth (who recently turned 18). Danielle looks like our mammy of course. Tim said I looked like mom too until he met uncle Doug...Then he said I could be the female version of uncle Doug...And I REALLY don't know how to take that!

Tim and I both start school on Wednesday. We are both going to SJSU together! I'm trying to get us to wear matching back packs and come up with a secret handshake, but he refuses! I'm so excited we get to go to school together. We planned our schedules to line up as much as possible so we can travel to and from school together, and when my belly gets huge I can make him carry me to class!...Maybe carry my books?...Ok, at least he can give me a firm nudge in the right direction.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Catching Up

Hello All,
I am so sorry that I have not done my part in keeping you all updated with our goings-on but we have had a lot of going on! So, this is an atempt to get things back on track.

*Luke Started School!

My little big kid is now in Kindergarden and LOVING it!

He refuses to let me take him to or pick him up from school because he wants to ride the bus. There are about five kids that are at his bus stop and in his class, including a girl named Jamie that holds hands with Luke when they get on the bus together.

*Emma is 6 months old!

*Thom is an Officer now!

We have been busy but good. I will try to keep things up to date better. We love you all!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

7 Months Old!

Today my baby girl is 7 months old! Abby is turning into quite the little lady and every day she amazes me! Words can never describe the way I feel for my baby. She makes every day like Christmas for me, being able to hold her in my arms and have her look into my eyes is better then any present I've ever received.

Abby is growing up way too fast! As you can see she can stand now on her own as long as she is holding on to something. She can go from lying on her back, to rolling over to her stomach, to moving into a sitting position, to crawling, and then to standing up on her own...my baby is AMAZING! She is so smart, so cute, and I just love her more every single day.