Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat?!

On Saturday we went to Jody and Erik's ward Trunk or Treat to be with all the cousins. Adelaide had a great time. After a few cars, she learned the she just had to stand there, look adorable, and people handed her candy! After a row of cars I suggested we stop since we didn't need the candy, but Addie was so excited and enjoying it so much we kept going. Needless to say, mommy and daddy made out like bandits. 

I'm glad we went to the ward activity because Adelaide had surgery today to put tubes in her ears. She had 6 double ear infections last winter, persistent fluid in her ears all summer which was starting to affect her hearing, and has already had two double ear infections this October. Because of this chronic history, the doctor decided to put Adelaide on a breathing treatment leading up to the surgery. This was to clear up any wheezing or coughing and get her in tip top shape for surgery. 

This is her nebulizer, Lu Seal. She has been such a champ with her medicine. We actually use it as blackmail. 
Us: Let's put your Jammie's on. 
Addie: Noooooooooo!
Us: Do you want your medicine? 
Addie: yea. 
Us: Then you have to put your Jammie's on. 
Addie: ok. 
What kid does that?!

This morning we had to be at the hospital by 7:10. Yea, kiddo went in her pajamas. 

Adelaide became overwhelmed with anything we or the nurses asked her to do. Even offering to put on her wrist band was like offering to burn her with acid. So Minnie Mouse being all over her hospital pajamas was really the only way we got her to cooperate with changing. 

She also brought her buddy with her and had fun giving him treatment too! That is a foam nose. She wasn't interested I wearing it, but it was hilarious if daddy or buddy did. 

They gave her a relaxant to make administering the anesthesia easier. It made her all groggy. They gave us bubbles to blow for her and she was reaching out for them saying pop pop pop. Remember the scene in Young Frankenstien when the Monster comes to life and he's reaching in the air in a daze? Yea, that was Adelaide. This is just before going in for surgery. 

Putting the oxygen/anesthesia mask on her, watching her fall asleep,and walking away was terrible. We had to wait in the waiting room for the doctor to come tell us how it went. That was such a long 13 minutes! Tim timed it. In reality it is a very short and simple procedure, but when it's your child in there, that doesn't matter, you just want it over with. 

After she woke from anesthesia she was very fussy and disoriented. I held her close and softly sang songs. She fell back asleep, which was a great way to help the anesthesia wear off. 

After we got her home, this happened:

Then this happened:

Then this happened:

The THIS happened:

Thank you Gee Gee and Papa! These little fairies were just the trick to help her settle back in at home. 

She took a good nap in her crib, then woke up burning up. We gave her Tylenol and she snuggled and napped on and off for a while with daddy who was finally winding down from the stress of the day. 

While daddy was out getting more medicine (and animal crackers as a treat), Adelaide and I relaxed on the couch, ate Cheerios, and watched Phineas and Ferb. Adelaide LOVES any time Perry the Platypus is on or when there is dancing. 

I also decided her zebra costume was just going to be too hot for our feverish girl, so I put her in a lightweight white dress and, voilĂ , she was a ghost!

Just to top it off, we threw a white blanket over her. Anytime we put a blanket on her head she rocks side to side, says ghooooost, pulls off the blanket and yells "boo!" 

Despite it being a rough day, we also managed to enjoy celebrating Danielle's birthday too!

Can't wait to see everyone else's costumes!!

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